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Our debt settlement company programs do something very important besides eliminating your debt. It changes your life. Let's hear from some of our happy customers, and see how it's changed their lives for the better. A life without debt is a life worth living.

"I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who helped me in my credit matters. I do appreciate all of your hard work and caring attitudes. This situation I am in is not a fun place to be in. It helps to know that there are good people like yourselves that truly care and truly want to help others. You have made some incredible deals for me and I greatly appreciate it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Dani, L, NV"

"Thank you very much for all the help and hard work. We are very satisfied with the outcome and will surely recommend it to anyone we know who would like to turn around their financial situation and like us, become debt free in 15 months. This is a major accomplishment for our family and surely a great way to start the New Year. Yes, you have our permission to use my below email for marketing. (contact us for a free consultation first, please) You may also use our names, but Ricardo is requesting if you just use our first names. As far as our phone number for reference, that shouldn't be a problem as well. With many thanks,"
- Jessie and Robert, CA"

"I believe this may be the fourth account that we have paid off. Thanks again. You guys are great!!!! You don't realize how much stress has been relieved from us with this. You guys have eased so serious pain for us. Thanks!!"
- Christie and Joe, MO"

"Here is an update about my financial condition since I completed your debt settlement program. You'll remember that I came to you in the middle of a divorce with over $125,000 in credit card debts run up by my ex-wife. You successfully negotiated settlements on all my debts and additional time which allowed me to re-finance it all into a long term loan and avoid bankruptcy. I was able to keep my house, car and all my investments and managed to avoid having any of my wages seized. You then helped with my credit repair. Since then I have been able to obtain several credit cards. I can now report to you that I just purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee with Chrysler's preferred rate financing. Thank you again for all your help."
- Adam J., NV

"We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us. Your quick actions and communication have made our lives so much easier to bear in this time of chaos. You solely have responded in a timely manner, been honest and gave us the personal touch that is unheard of these days. Going from a three day eviction panic to having your home back in a week was a miracle in itself. After being advised by so many to walk away, you gave us hope and honesty from the beginning. Our kids have developed smiles once again when they heard the good news you relayed to us. Our family thanks you from the bottom of your hearts for all your efforts in saving our home."
- Ramone and Lavyana K., NC

"Thank you so very much for all your help both professionally and personally. Forgive me for not getting in touch sooner."
- Richard and Carla., FL

"This letter is written to certify that your company has helped me through my financial deficit by cutting it over 60%, and saved my practice. I highly recommend their company to everyone in need. The staff are fantastic, honest and responsible. They gave me the best service available. I felt so blessed to find such a friend in my account representative, and a company in which I can depend on to help with all my financial needs."
- Tom Laughin., NY

"We really wanted to live free from the bill collectors - to get our bills paid, and one day buy some land. The problem was that we were stuck with loads of medical bills from my ex-husband. It just seemed like everyone wanted a set amount, so we ended up paying a little here, and a little there, never making any progress. I called around to several debt consolidation companies, but the monthly payment was still too high for my husband and me. The proposal that you presented to us was workable within our budget, and we knew we had to take action to get rid of our debt. Ryan, our debt consultant was very helpful, and patient with my numerous questions. We saw progress within 4 months when we settled on a late credit card. In about 36 months, we were able to eliminate our $67,000 in credit card and medical bill debt. I can't say we have purchased our land yet, but I am so thankful to have the burden removed and for the first time in many years, we have a growing savings account. Thanks again!"
- Martha and Charles P., ID (saved over $43,000)

"We started with consumer credit counseling and reduced the payments, but we were still going under because we were behind and the payments were too high. We talked with a bankruptcy lawyer, but we just didn't feel right about copping out on all our debts. I was put on administrative leave at my job, and what my husband was bringing in just wasn't enough. We were able to eliminate our 7 credit cards and I know we probably would have had to file bankruptcy if you hadn't been able to negotiate the settlements with our creditors. We are now in a better place, and we are so thankful that you could help us."
- Courtney and Tommas R., TX (saved over $22,000)

"I highly recommend your services for anyone who wants to end the stress of having creditors calling at all hours and eliminate his/her debts without filing bankruptcy. We had been doing very well, and during 2000, had a lot of money and net-worth due to the stock market. However, when the stocks crashed, we struggled trying to make our debt payments and were getting nowhere. The stress was becoming unbearable. Your company comforted us through the process and we were able to settle our debt for about 30% of the balance in less than 27 months. We could never have done it without you! Thanks again!"
- Tara and Dean J, AZ (saved over $42,000)

"I completely endorse your Debt Settlement Program. They have helped my parents and me eliminate over $63k in credit card and medical bills."
- Michale Chang, TN (saved over $36,000)

"I tried to keep my failing business going by using my personal credit cards and by the time I pulled the plug, I had about $107,000 in credit card bills to pay. Your program was able to reduce the balance to about $40,000 and I was able to pay it off in about 23 months. Thanks again for the great work!"
- Ron and Pat Johns, WA (saved over $58,000)

" You have saved me three hundred dollars a month and I couldn't be happier. Your have such a streamlined process. I've never dealt with with any company like yours before where you didn't have to call twelve times to find an answer, they knew the answer."
- Joe Ellis, TX (saved over $11,000)

"The reason I chose your company was the simplicity of the system. I'd never used an online system before and it just seemed like a real simple way of doin' things. The web site was extremely easy to get around on. Very simple to navigate. Your company is out to help the individual and that's something that I've never gotten before. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat."
- Lydia Rameriz, WI (saved over $32,000)

"I will never forget the help that I received from your company and I will definitely recommend your services. After undergoing a downsizing/extended unemployment, I was overwhelmed with debt. I tried to handle the situation on my own, but to no avail. After praying about my situation, I researched companies on the internet and felt guided to contact LegalCreditCardSettlement. Your credit card settlement company and your affiliates were wonderful throughout the entire settlement process, they are truly angels in disguise. Now the only payment that I have is a mortgage - thank you!"
- Kim Hahn, NJ (saved over $25,000)

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