Debt Settlement Companies

How Do You Know if You Are Choosing one of the Right Debt Settlement Companies?

Our debt settlement company review will help guide you.

There are many debt relief / debt settlement companies to choose from and they are all bying for your business. How do you know if you are choosing the right one?

Recent FTC laws are forcing the legal debt settlement companies to become more transparent.

As of the fall of 2010, there are specific and certain FTC guidelines that every debt settlement company advertising for your business must abide by.

Check with the BBB

Is the company that you are interviewing listed with the Better Business Bureau? If they are listed, are they accredited?

Are they Associated with any Industry Trade Companies

Have you asked if the debt relief company you are interviewing is associated with any reputable trade relief industries?

What are the costs of the Program

Be prepared to shop around for the cost of debt settlement programs. Typically, the cost for a settlement program ranges from 10% to 18% of the total debt enrolled into the program. However, debt settlement fees are negotiable!

Debt Settlement Companies