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About Us

About Us

Legal Credit Card Settlement refers consumers seeking debt relief to TASC or USOBA approved legal certified debt negotiators to negotiate your accounts. If you have credit card debt, our skilled debt negotiators use proven debt arbitration and debt reduction techniques to help you avoid bankruptcy (which ruins your credit profile) and credit consolidation companies (that work for credit card companies) to end your debt worries. Let us use our vast debt settlement experience and knowledge to end your debt worries today!

Before you consider calling a debt consolidation company, filing for bankruptcy or calling another debt settlement company, contact us through filling out our online form. With many years in the debt settlement industry, our partner companies will assess your specific needs individually and confidentially. You will be enrolled into a realistic debt settlement payment plan that is affordable and has the quickest results.


Our Debt Settlement Program does something very important besides eliminating your debt. It changes your life. Let's hear from some of our happy customers, and see how it's changed their lives for the better. A life without credit card debt is a life worth living.

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